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KBE for Sheet Metal Stamping

  • AI-FORM’s KBE has developed many special KBE applications to help die designers find a quick way to carry out part and die design.
  • Based on feature technology, features have been extracted and represented by the object-oriented method. Stamping features and their parameters have been defined and extracted based on feature technology and stamping process rules. The whole product knowledge has been represented by frames that directly map to objects (or features) in the object-oriented sense.
  • Based on Knowledge-Based Engineering techniques, AI-FORM  provides an initial assessment of manufacturing feasibility. KBE is also a powerful tool to use during the design process to ensure the design is right the first time.


AI-FORM’s KBE system to guide the multi-stage deep drawing design

Stamping Feature Study

  • It is well known that stamping parts are combined by a couple of stamping features, such as piercing, bending, blanking, drawing and forming, half-cut, ironing, coining, burring, strength, etc..
  • The relationship between features is like a tree; some feature is combined by sub-features. If all the features could be mastered well, it is much easy to control the full part to achieve the requirement.
  • Unfortunately, the detailed study of the stamping features, special to high precision products and progressive die, is still a bottleneck problem in the real industry and the knowledge of these features were still too insufficient. Up today, many “know-how” still existed in this field. The numerical simulation provided an effective way for feature study, the parameters could be changed very easily and the final result could be summarized as the company in-house design guide or standard.
  • This module can provide a faster and simple way to generate the basic feature model (both CAD and Analysis model) and define the simulation condition automatically. Then the user can simply change some key parameters to obtain the best result or find the balance between condition and result, and apply such design and result in the global model or die design directly. In general, it is a very economical way for both simulation and design.


 KBE data of piercing and shaving process


KBE data of 90-degree precision bending and springback result


Pre-defined feature design template

Predefined Templates 

AI-FORM’s KBE  offers predefined templates covering bending, forming, drawing and stretching. The user can also make customizations base on these default templates by modifying its geometry and feature parameters.



KBE Data Customization

AI-FORM’s KBE  system is an open system, the user is very easy to add unlimited user’s data.

Simple edit the XML template, the user can add more class and sub-class to the KBE system.


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