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CPI Simulation for HPDC


Cast-Designer CPI (Casting Process Insight) is a powerful tool to provide the detail of metal flow, solidification and heat transfer information for the casting simulation to meet the requirement of FEM technology. CPI is specifically designed for the casting part, mould design and casting production, it is much more modest in its capabilities than tradition numerical simulation.

With Cast-Designer CPI, user can detect potential locations where filling and solidification problems could occur for the given gating system and overflow design. The user does not need to be an expert in simulation to use CPI. CPI is remarkable fast and the time required for evaluating a die casting design is very less and practice. Thus CPI can be used by any die caster, tool maker, or part designer to reduce product development time and rework on die.


CPI is the sole really practical tool in the market to support designer and engineer to make fast decision for casting part, mould design and production optimization.

  • Base on the last FEM technology.
  • With the most powerful mesh engine to generate high quality mesh from any CAD geometry.
  • Innovation technology with high accuracy compared with tradition method.
  • Provide really virtual result in less than one hour start from CAD part.
  • Integrated CAD, design and analysis in the same user’s  environment, setup an analysis model in a few clicks and a few minutes.
  • Easy to use and very short learning curve.


The Cast-Designer CPI technology compared with other tradition CAE system


The beauty of CPI is the full couple with the design function of Cast-Designer and quickness to obtain the analysis results at any stage of mould design or casting production. For example, in the concept design stage of mould, there may be many alternative designs, a quick tool is important to run all designs and remove the poor designs. Thus at this stage, the traditional numerical simulation is not applicable.


In Cast-Designer to make several different design plan and validated in the CPI simulation, then select the best design for final manufacturing.

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