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CAST-DESIGNER for Gravity Casting

CAST-DESIGNER for Gravity Casting can make the casting system design and fast simulation for sand casting, gravity die casting, low pressure die casting, investment casting , lost foam casting and centrifugal casting etc.


Integration of expert system and CAE technology, a tailor-designed mould planning & simulation system for gravity casting process.

30 minutes to design one casting system

Special focus on ‘Design’ and ‘Designer’

Fast and accurate validation based on FEM technology

Cast-Designer is a quick casting design and analysis tool based on upfront design & analysis technology. The core of the “upfront design & analysis technology” is to allow engineers to conduct fluid flow, heat transfer and solidification analysis by the assistance of combination of expert system and CAE technology, it helps engineers to make a “Right” engineering decision in the early design stage of a project. Upfront design & analysis technology has already been becoming a very important role in main stream design process.

With Cast-Designer, users can optimize a casting design by detecting the part features with potential metal flow and solidification problems, evaluating riser and chill, gate system and pouring system design alternatives in the early design stage. Even a novel with limited experience in simulation that can easier to undertake the design setup in very short period of time. In other word, Cast-Designer can help the industry to achieve the target of ‘Time to Market’.

The gravity casting software package includes the following modules:

Gravity Casting Designer

As a core component of Cast-Designer system, Gravity Casting Designer is an efficient and flexible design tool which assists designers to develop riser and feeder, gating system and pouring system for gravity casting in a short time. With the help of Cast-Designer, engineer can quickly convert design idea becoming a 3D model for design evaluation. Cast-Designer enable user easily to manage and alter parameter for different stage whatever for initial concept design stage, intermediate embodiment design stage, or final design stage. It is possible to create the full casting system within ten minute to one hour for a typical casting part.


Based on its unique innovative technology, Cast-Designer CPI (Casting Process Insight) is the sole really practical tool on the marketing today to support designer and engineer to make fast decision for casting part and mould design. It is capable to reflect varieties of dynamics and physical behaviours of fluid flow, heat transfer and solidification in details. Comparing with traditional numerical simulation, CPI is solely based on CAD environment, and provides fast and accurate analysis results.

With Cast-Designer CPI, user can detect potential locations where filling and solidification problems could occur for the given gating system and overflow design. The user does not need to be an expert in simulation to use CPI. CPI is remarkable fast and the time required for evaluating a die casting design is very less and practice. Thus CPI can be used by any die caster, tool maker, or part designer to reduce product development time and rework on die.

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