One Button Gating Design (Gravity) | CAST-DESIGNER from C3P Software

One Button Gating Design (Gravity)

The standard Cast-Designer gating system design approach is very powerful and flexible, fully guided by the casting experience data or KBE system. Generally speaking, it can design any complex gating system in a full parametric method.

For some standard gating system, it is still possible to make the operation simpler and more effective.  The ‘one button design’ method is one good way.

In this approach, we provided a rich gating system template library, the user can search the most closely gating system template to start the design.  The parameters were very simple and in industry language, the online preview make things very easy since the symbols were marked on the main view.

With ‘one button design’ approach, the gating system design could be 5 to 10 times faster than the standard design approach.

More ever, the designed gating system data is exactly same as the standard gating system approach, so the user can make any modification or fine tuning in the standard user environment to achieve some special requirement after the one button design.


Pre-defined Gravity gating system template in Cast-Designer

Template Library for gravity casting

The template library of software package includes more than 20 types gating system template of gravity process.

Such template library was written in CDGL(Cast-Designer Gating system Language), it is a XML format language. With CDGL, the user can design any complex gating system for generating user database.


Special template for DISA

A special template was designed for DISA casting to control the metal balance during the filling process.  The pouring cup of DISA was the standard part in the system.

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