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Cooling System Design

Traditionally, mold cooling design is still mainly based on practical knowledge and designers’ experience. This method is simple and may be efficient in practice; however, this approach becomes less feasible when the molded part becomes more complex and a high cooling efficiency is required.

The cooling system designer in Cast-Designer is a CAD base module to help cooling channel generation. It provides a very flexible way to generate any complex cooling system.


Cooling channel Calculator

Cast-Designer introduced a cooling channel calculator, it can help the user calculate the total length of the cooling channel with a given production rate. The utility considers many factors such as the part mass and casting alloy, mould size, production rate, cooling channel diameter, media flow speed and heat affection rate. The final result will be a cooling channel diameter and total length.

Online cooling system analyze

To optimize the cooling system design, the numerical methods for casting simulation are relatively mature with the great contribution of academic works, commercial CAE companies, and the continuous development of computer hardware.

However, before numerical simulation, the user must had all 3D CAD data, like the cooling channel, mould geometry, gating system etc, this usually difficult at the early stage since so many design plan were there need test, also the longer modeling and simulation time is very difficult to afford for ‘time to market’ business.

Instead of this, Cast-Designer introduces an online cooling system analysis method to help designer check the cooling system design at the very early stage, it is fully integrated to the cooling system design interface and the user can get result within 3 to 5 minutes.

The online cooling system analyze can consider the part geometry feature, the cooling channel numbers and location, also the heat affection, the final result can show the heat affection between the casting part  and cooling channel. As the analysis result,  the user can adjust or redesign the cooling channel immediately.


Cooling system online analysis step-1,  EMDI result

With EMDI result, the user will have clear idea of the mass distribution of the part, the bigger number means high thickness in there.


Cooling system online analysis step-2,  Fast cooling analysis

The ‘fast cooling’ function in Cast-Designer considers the thermal affection of the cooling channel to a hot metal in the inverse method, the affection of the different channel could be summarized as a  function of the heat affection distance.

The result means a higher value will have good cooling and lower value will have poor cooling.


Cooling system online analysis step-3, cooling affection result

Now, we can combine the above EMDI and fast cooling factor together, to have a new cooling affection analysis result.

The advantage of such method is clear, it consider both part geometry and the affection of cooling channels, and the final cooling affection result is very useful to guide the cooling system design.

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