To Assist Gravity Casting Design | CAST-DESIGNER from C3P Software

To Assist Gravity Casting Design

Riser & Feeder design

The powerful HDI analysis of Geo-Designer can help the riser, feeder, insulator sleeve and chill design, special used for gravity casting. Compared with other experience formulas and graphic programs, the Geo-Designer’s approach is more flexible, accurate and easy to use, since all experience formulas were very difficult to consider the really 3D geometry, it is usually quite complex.

In HDI calculation, the system will also consider the heat affection of the around media. For example, heat affection by the feeder or riser. It is also possible to consider the different material type, such as the chill to speed up cooling, the insulators to keep the heat and cool down slowly.

Based on the HDI results, the user can design riser and feeder on the thicker zone to compensate the metal shrinkage. The online checking result was very clear, both the component’s size and location could be designed well by the assistant of Geo-Designer. More ever, the updated HDI/MDI result could be obtained immediately, just click a button, anything has been updated. So it is hundreds times faster than the numerical simulation method. The final design result  could be exported to Cast-Designer system or other CAD system in STEP file format.


Core design and checking

For complex casting part, such as the engine block, the designer must consider the sand core inside the part, this is very important and with big challenge.  The section area and geometry shape of the core must be designed carefully.

With powerful Boolean operation function in mesh base, Geo-Designer can extract the inner core from the existed casting part easily. Then, the user can analysis the detail sections of the core or export the core surface to other system in STL file format.


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