Full Chain Simulation | CAST-DESIGNER from C3P Software

Full Chain Simulation


The simulation result of Cast-Designer also could be exported to other CAE system for a full chain simulation. For example, the porosity and residual stress result of casting process could be exported to other structure analysis software for part performance analysis or life time simulation.

Cast-Designer can export the following results:

  • Temperature distribution in any time
  • Porosity result after the solidification
  • Stress and strain result after the solidification and cooling
  • Filling factor during the filling process

Both MSC Nastran and NEI Nastran file format could be exported from Cast-Designer directly, the porosity result has assigned to different material type and properties during the data export. For other system, the user can make a very simple user route to read it from the ASCII CDF format, which has been documented on the Cast-Designer manual.

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