Stress & Distortion Analysis | CAST-DESIGNER from C3P Software

Stress & Distortion Analysis


With the Cast-Designer mechanical stress module, the user can make the stress and distortion analysis.  The following result could be obtained after the simulation:

  • Casting and mould stress distribution
  • Part deformation and distortion
  • Displacements
  • Gap formation between the casting and mould
  • Predict elastic springback
  • Hot tearing
  • Die life fatigue

Several material models were available in Cast-Designer for stress calculation, such as the rigid material, the elastic-plastic material model and the most complex elastic-visco-plastic material model. For plastic model, the working hardening has been considered carefully.

Both the thermal and mechanical stress has been calculated. Thanks to the FEM technology, only one mesh is used for the thermal, flow and stress simulation.


Part distortion after the casting process. The simulation result could match well to the experience result.

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