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C3P Engineering Report Generator for Casting-Designer

Automatic, Flexible, Configurable Report Generation for Casting Design and Simulation

【Hong Kong – Feb. 1st, 2012】 – The Cast-Designer Report Generator™ can automatically create documentation from Cast-Designer design and simulation models. It lets you document design specifications and simulation results for casting process in a flexible and express way.
The Cast-Designer Report Generator creates Microsoft Powerpoint format report directly. Such format has been used in industrial companies widely and become the industry standard today. Multi language is supported by Cast-Designer Report Generator, such as English, German, Japanese, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Thai, Portuguese, Bulgarian and many others.
Key Features:
  • Generate engineering report of casting design and simulation results in Microsoft Powerpoint format, and easy to do special modification and convert to HTML, PDF, RTF, Microsoft Word, and XML formats
  • Support both design and modeling environment and simulation post-process environment
  • Flexible view angle and zoom factor to match the casting geometry and simulation detail
  • Flexible layout of report, from one picture per page to six pictures per page
  • Enables casting conditional documentation generation for different casting processes, such as HPDC, LPDC, sand casting, gravity casting, investment casting etc.
  • Documentation templates could be customized, such as company logo and special style sheets
  • Support multi languages, such as English, Germany, Japanese, Chinese and many others.
  • Same conditions to generate multi copies reports in a different language, such as English, German and Japanese together
Benefits of Cast-Designer Report Generator:
  • Automatic generate professor engineering report, save at least 70% lead time.
  • Very simple and easy to use, ten minutes to learn it.
  • Very flexible for design and simulation result reporting, flexible view angle, flexible zoom factors , flexible image layout, flexible  post editor, flexible template.
  • Maintenance a high level quality report even if for newcomer.
The Engineering Report Generator was available since Cast-Designer version 5.4.10, it was released end of January 2012.
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CAST-DESIGNER Report Generator

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