C3P Software announces the release of CAST-DESIGNER CPI | CAST-DESIGNER from C3P Software

C3P Software announces the release of CAST-DESIGNER CPI

A New Generation Express Casting Process Insight for Pressure Die Casting

[SINGAPORE – September 6th, 2010] – C3P Software, a pioneer supplier of CAX solution for industrial manufacturing processes, announces today the release of its new generation of express Casting Process Insight (CPI) for high pressure die casting industries.

Casting Process Insight (CPI) is a powerful tool integrated in Cast-Designer to provide the detail metal flow information during casting process based on the last CAE technology. CPI is special designed for the conceptual stage for casting part and mould, it is much more modest in its capabilities than tradition numerical simulation, but can provide some of the same insights.

With Cast-Designer CPI, the user can detect part features with potential solidification problems, evaluate gate system and overflow design alternatives, and generally evaluate castability. The user does not have to be an expert in simulation to use CPI and the time required for evaluating a die casting design is remarkably quick. In other word, CPI can be used by any die caster, tool maker, or part designer with access to a computer.


CPI is the sole really practical tool on the marketing today to support designer and engineer to make fast decision for casting part and mould design.

  • Analysis the filling process and predict fill pattern
  • Provide an accurate, flexible, no limitation method for gating system evaluation in express way. Detail information to help user select the ‘right’ design.
  • Analysis the part thickness to guide the mould and cooling channel design and placement.
  • Innovation technology with high accuracy and no limitation compared with tradition method
  • Provide really virtual result in less than one hour start from CAD part
  • Integrated CAD, design and analysis in a same  environment, setup an analysis model in a few minuets and a few clicks
  • No requirement for any CAE knowledge, very short learning curve

Cast-Designer CPI helps improve the gating system design of an oil panel of automotive
01: Initial design  02: Metal flow simulation in Cast-Design CPI of the initial design, the total CPU time is 40min 03: Improved design upon the simulation result

The beauty of CPI is the full couple with the design function of Cast-Designer and quickness to obtain the analysis results at the conceptual design stage. There may be many alternative designs, a quick tool is important to run all designs and remove the poor designs. Thus at this stage, the level of accuracy is not necessarily very high and the traditional numerical simulation is not applicable.

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