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Cast-Designer LT, An Economic Simulation Solution for Casting Process

Entry level simulation software with 15 days free trial, the lease license could be purchased in 20$/per day only


New York 15th September, 2015– C3P Software, a pioneer supplier of CAX solution for industrial manufacturing processes, announces today to release Cast-Designer LT, an economic simulation solution for casting process, it could be download and purchasing from internet directly.

Cast-Designer LT is not only a light version of Cast-Designer, but also a new concept developed to increase the usability of numerical simulation for casting business. Cast-Designer LT allows the designer and engineer to enhance and optimize their casting manufactured components avoiding typical defects such as porosity, air entrapment, cold shots, etc. thanks to the easy, powerful and accurate casting simulation tools.

Cast-Designer LT still uses the last FEM technology, with innovative and revolutionary mesh generator. The system could generate body-fitted mesh fully automatically. The pre-defined casting process templates help to define a simulation model within 5 minutes.

More ever, Cast-Designer LT is no training requireded, no high technical complexity and no needs of qualified staff. Cast-Designer LT allows saving time and money, moving the current complex simulation processes to only 4 simple steps from opening the model to analyze the results.

Now, you can submit the trial requests of Cast-Designer LT from the website directly, we offer you 15 days free trial. After that, the user could select one of three business plans and lease the license from the internet directly. The business plans includes one month lease, six months lease and annual lease. The software price is very reasonable and everybody could afford that. Cast-Designer LT is really an excellent choice for SME and new companies.

The lease license grants license holders the right to use Cast-Designer LT software for a specified period of time with the option to renew their contract for additional payments. During the license period, the user also can get full technical support.

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