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Cast-Designer to help redefine the competitiveness of enterprises

C3P Software Released Cast-Designer V6.0, A Full Chain New Generation Casting Solution to Fulfill ‘Time to Market’ and ‘Quality to Market’
【New York – 31st May, 2013】– C3P Software, a pioneer supplier of CAX solution for industrial manufacturing processes, announces today to release Cast-Designer V6.0 to market. This is a major release version of the Cast-Designer software, to match the one stop solution for the whole casting process, from part design, casting system design and casting process validation.

The Cast-Designer solution includes three major modules: the geometric base part design and analysis module for DFM (Design for Manufacturing) named Geo-Designer, the casting system module server to gating system design in CAD base, it is fully guided by knowledge system and the last one, also very important module is the CPI module, which is used for casting system and process validation in the last FEM base CAE technology, the CPI with upfront analysis technology and become more and more powerful in the new release.

DFM becomes more and more important between OEM and mould supplier, Geo-Designer is an excellent tool for such proposal. In the new release, HDI (Heat Distribution Index) has introduced to part base thermal analysis. It is much advance than the thermal modulus method which used in the industry for a very long time but quite difficult to use for the complex part. The MDI and HDI method in Geo-Designer can provide a real time 3D visualization of the hot spots, and help riser, chill and insulator design directly in gravity casting process. The geometric analysis module also provides a powerful Boolean operation capability in the mesh level, it could be used for complex part analysis and core analysis in the part level, such as engine block.

With the success of the gating system design for high pressure die casting, special for the one button design capability in HPDC, C3P software has applied such technology to gravity casting and investment casting design now. With more than 30 pre-defined templates, the one button design function for gravity can short five to ten times of the gating design lead time for such process. For high pressure die casting, the P-Q graphic has been introduced and assist the user check the flexibly of the cast machine and mould, also guide the user to design the inner gate.

Meshing and mesh assembly is always the headache problem for CAE simulation, special for FEM base code. Now, Cast-Designer makes things better. The mesh generation engine has fully upgraded in the new version. The new mesh engine provides a faster, robust, fully automatic mesh generation with very good geometry surface description. The mesh speed is 20% to 30% faster than the version V5.5 and the mesh quality is a new stage. More ever, local mesh capability is available in version 6.0. With this innovate technology, the mesh density could be controlled very well and the full mould size is more economically.

Another breakthrough is the powerful mesh assembly function, it makes the meshing work so simple, even if a full mould set with core, slider, cooling and ejection pins. The element size ratio of the mould and core could be quite big thanks to the FEM technology. The nodes connect mesh provides an excellent result for the thermal and flow simulation.

The solver has also been enhanced in the new version, such as the gate color map in multi-gating, the accurate flow front tracking for the oxides and gas entrapment analysis, the new material database for stress material and better performance for parallel computation.

The CAD kernel of Cast-Designer V6.0 also has been updated to the last one with a better CAD capability and performance.

“Cast-Designer is the really usable and reliable software system to meet the time to market business, our lead time for mould development was so short, a full design and analysis chain, 4 to 5 solutions in one working day is so attractive for us”, commented by Mr. Q. YANG, general manager of Sunway worlds co., ltd. the pioneer of die casting & plastic mould manufacturer in Taiwan.

“The last release of Cast-Designer V6.0 includes a unique chain from part design, gating system and casting process validation. This is the dream of the industrial user for a long time. A couple years ago, we talked about casting problem of industry, we think CAE simulation. However, solve engineering problem needs methodology than a beautiful picture. The design technology, KBE technology, upfront analysis technology on the same level as detail simulation”, affirms Dr. X. Yang, Executive vice president of C3P Software, “The quality is depended on the design, the cost is depended on the design, the lead time is also depended on the design. In the next step, we will continue to expand our value chain to meet more requests of industry, such as automatic cooling & ejection system design, the full mould design capability and automatic system optimization.”

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Cast-Designer V6.0 with a unique value chain provides design and analysis from part level to full casting system
A/C : gating system design for gravity casting and HPDC B: core analysis for engine block
D: Cast-Designer CPI mesh model E: full couple simulation of casting process

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