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Meet C3P Software at Còrdoba, Argentina

December 6th 2017, C3P Software will held a Seminar in Centro Tecnològico De Arteaga, Còrdoba, Argentina, on the topic: “Evaluacion de dos sistemas de alimentaciòn preexistentes de una pieza tipo bloque para vàlvulas colada por gravedad”. Location: Camerillo 2275, Ciudad de Còrdoba.

The seminar is included in the event “Tecnologìas de Fundiciòn” that has been organized by the Area de  Fundiciòn de INTI-Mècanica and by the Gerencia de Projectos Especiales. The event will focus on the technologies involved in the foundry processes and the latest research developments in this area.

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INTI is an Institution created to develop technological analytical and procedural capacities of economic and marketing management. One of the main objectives is to design, develop and promote technological applications. The program’s capabilities are focused on technology transfer to institutionalized teams that are strategically executing and / or planning economic development interventions in productive systems seen as value chains. Priority is given to regional resources of INTI and / or local teams or support organizations, with the additional aim of leaving the technologies in question resident, after a process of training of technical staff.

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