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Form-Advisor Overview

Form-Advisor for MCAD

The Form-Advisor, an unique sheet metal forming solution for automotive and progressive stamping base on the incremental technology, now directly works within MCAD environments. It is the new generation metal forming CAE system built from day one specifically for integration within the design process.

This integration not only improves the consistency of design data in CAD and simulation system, but also greatly improves the speed and efficiency of design and engineering cycles.

This innovative software puts metal flow, thinning and wrinkle, stress and strain, springback analysis into the hands of the same people who are responsible for developing the stamping product, mould and making engineering decisions.

Simulation driven by CAD data

With Form-Advisor, your CAD geometry drives the simulation process. When you make a design change in CAD system, you see the change instantly in Form-Advisor in a few clicks. It’s hassle free.

The user does not have to be an expert in simulation and the time required for evaluating a stamping design is remarkably quick. In other word, Form-Advisor can help the industry achieve the target of ‘Time to Market’.

Form-Advisor for Creo

Form-Advisor is fully integrated into the MCAD systems (suac as PTC’s Creo system) .After the part and/or die face design, one button can shift between Form-Advisor’s process design and design validation interface. All operations are in the same environment.

Setup Form-Advisor model in Creo

Form-Advisor uses the template technology to define the objects and process parameters, reducing the workload for operations to the minimum. A few clicks to define all the objects and properties in the MCAD environment.

Result analysis in PowerView

PowerView is used to display the simulation results . It is a powerful, flexible and easy-to-use tool for stamping process analysis.

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