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KBE for Stamping

Knowledge Base Engineering

Knowledge Base Engineering For Stamping

Knowledge Based Engineering is a state-of-the-art computer programming technique which enables engineering design and analysis processes to be modelled. The resulting process model, including best practice, engineering guidelines and engineering rules, can then be run automatically resulting in time savings of up to 90%.

STAMP-DESIGNER™ has developed a number of special KBE applications to help die designer find the quick way to carry out part and die design.

Based on feature technology, features have been extracted and represented by the object-oriented method. Stamping features and their parameters have been defined and extracted based on feature technology and stamping process rules. The whole product knowledge has been represented by frames which directly map to objects (or features) in the object-oriented sense. Relevant appropriate operations features have been assigned to stamping features of a product based on feature-operation criteria, parameters of the stamping feature and their correlativity. This assignment is a decision-making activity using a set of rules with a decision-making tree and model-based reasoning methods.

Based on Knowledge Based Engineering techniques, STAMP-DESIGNER™ provide an initial assessment of manufacturing feasibility. KBE is also a powerful tool to use during the design process to ensure the design is right first time.

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